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You may have seen Troy opposite Sarah Jessica Parker's

Carrie Bradshaw in Season 2 of HBOMax's "And Just Like That."

click           for footage . . .


Troy just completed his run as the Male Swing in the

Friends Off-Broadway Musical Parody in Times Square.

Go to his Instagram for pics of him as

Ross, Joey, Chandler, Janice - and more!

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 2.13.35 PM.png

in Season 1 of Netflix's "The Society",  

Troy plays Matt, a kid just trying to stay in his lane

and stay alive. 

now streaming.


"Breakfast at the Bodega" has won over 18 awards, including

Best Short Film at 11 different film festivals, 

both domestic and international.

This Brooklyn fairy-tale follows Basil (Troy),

who makes magic pastries.

He dreams of becoming a pastry chef, 

much to his traditionalist father's dismay.

You can stream it at 

& see Troy's instagram for behind the scenes, premiere pics,

& more.



Troy downloaded TikTok to keep busy back during lockdown. 

Now 100,000+ followers later, he's reached an entirely new audience.

Click below or see his comedy reel to watch him

roast the zodiac signs,


and his Italian grandma.


"Wait, Lorenzo!" won Best LGBTQ Film at the Sweden Film Awards in April 2021, & is an official selection at several others worldwide.

it follows Luke (Troy), a depressed young man in the 1990's

who's lost his father, but gains a new one

in the most unlikely of places.

coming soon...

Troy plays Mateo, the lovably clueless boyfriend 

on season three of "Big Egg",

an indie series exploring

sex, gender, and living in New York in your 20's.

Episodes are now available on YouTube 

and the new LGBTQ+ streaming platform,

Troy also just closed two New York plays -

In "I Love You, Jesus Christ!", at the Tank NYC, he played Judas -

only in this story, he & Jesus may have been more than friends...


He also got to bring the true story 

of a queer biracial teen in 1950's Philly 

to life in "Protected" at The Theater for the New City

in the East Village this September.

Troy's return to the stage since COVID hit 

has been the time of his life. 

To see production photos, head over to

the gallery page or his instagram.

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